Over 350 Million Ads Removed by Google


Director of Ads Engineering at Google – “Mike Hochberg” says ;

We have allocated substantial technical, financial, and human resources to stopping bad advertising practices and protecting users on the web.  Hundreds of our engineers, policy experts and others have dedicated their careers to this work.

Google Says “We removed more than 350 million bad ads from our systems in 2013.” The number of advertisers we disabled, however, dropped from over 850,000 in 2012 to more than 270,000 in 2013.

Bad Advertising Practice Offenders List

Bad Advertising Practice Offenders List:

Tech support scams:  4,000 AdWords accounts removed.

Copyright infringement:  5,000 AdSense accounts disabled for violating copyright.

Get Rich Quick Schemes: 10,000 ads disabled for sites promoting these.

Illegal online pharmacies:  2 million ads removed.

Counterfeit goods: 14,000 advertisers banned for trying to sell these.

Illegal online pharmacies:  2 million ads removed.

Malware:  400,000 ads disabled from sites hiding mal-ware.

Bad Advertising Report by Google  >>


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